How to check your passport status

If you’ve applied for your passport and want to check your passport status you can use the U.S. Passport Application Status tool to lookup the status of your passport application. However, your passport status will not be available for 7-10 business days after you’ve sent in your application.

The tool isn’t for verifying the validity or existence of an existing passport; only for checking the status of a passport application. A few other caveats about the online tool:

  • If you are checking the status of a pending diplomatic, official, or other special issuance passport application for yourself or an eligible family member, please contact your travel office or the Department of Defense passport acceptance agent, as applicable. Passport acceptance agents should contact the DoD Executive Agent for Passport and Visa Services if additional information is required.
  • All other federal agencies should contact your agency’s passport acceptance agent to check their passport status. Passport acceptance agents should contact the Special Issuance Agency directly if additional information is required.
  • Visit this website for current passport processing times. Routine service is currently estimated at six weeks.
  • If you applied more than 2 weeks ago or have immediate travel plans, contact the National Passport Information Center to check on your passport application status: via Email at [email protected], phone at 1-877-487-2778 or 1-888-874-7793 for the hearing impaired.

If you haven’t applied for a passport and need one within three weeks, check out our article about how to get an expedited passport.

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